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Can-Pro Gallery Heating and Cooling is proud to offer installation, repair, and maintenance services to your home’s heating and cooling equipment. For three generations, our family has installed and serviced all brands of furnaces, air conditioning units, hot water tanks, ventilation, and related heating and cooling hardware.

Stay Cool This Summer

Our friendly Manitoba gets some incredible weather in the summer – complete with picturesque sunsets and the odd prairie thunderstorm – but is your home’s air conditioning unit ready to take it on? When choosing an air conditioning unit for your home, it’s important to get expert advice so you get the right unit for your needs. Our expert technicians carry a wide variety of units from the industry’s leading manufacturers to fit your unique needs for many years to come. Call us today at (204) 256-2681 or press “Get Quote” to schedule a free air conditioning consultation for your home.

Regardless of who installed your air conditioning unit, a well-maintained unit saves you money in the long run by keeping your Hydro bills and maintenance costs down. That’s why we recommend getting your unit serviced every year. Our technicians will ensure your home can stay cool for many years. Call us today to have your annual servicing done!

Keep Your Home Warm

Here in Manitoba, our winters can be colder than winters on Mars, but that doesn’t mean that your home can’t stay cozy! With our long winters, it’s important that your furnace is running at peak efficiency and is working properly to save you money in the long run. Having a furnace that’s well suited to your home and needs is also going to help you stay comfortable. At Can-Pro Gallery Heating and Cooling, we carry furnaces and heating equipment for all types and sizes of homes from the world’s leading manufacturers. If you’re looking for a newer, more efficient furnace for your home, call us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation.

Even though your furnace worked fine last winter, keeping your heating equipment maintained can save hundreds of dollars on heat every winter and keep those large repair costs away. Our experts recommend one annual servicing of your heating equipment to make sure it’s in working order for the winter. No matter who installed your furnace originally, you can trust the experts at Can-Pro Gallery Heating and Cooling for all your servicing needs. Call us today to schedule your annual service!

Keep Your Water Warm

Whether you’re taking a bath to relax in the evening or cleaning your countertops on a Saturday afternoon, having hot water available to you is a comfort essential. We are proud to install hot water tanks and heaters from the industry’s top brands in homes across Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Today’s hot water heaters are much more efficient than those installed years ago. That means no more cold showers for the last family member to wake up, less space used by a bulky tank, and savings of up to 50% on your water heating costs! If you’re having trouble with your hot water heater or are building your new home, call us today at (204) 256-2681 for a free hot water tank consult.

To keep your hot water tank running at peak efficiency, we recommend one annual servicing every year. You can even save time by scheduling it along with your annual A/C or furnace servicing. Call us today to schedule your appointment and keep those showers warm.

Keep You Breathing Easy

Your home’s ducts accumulate particles of debris from the air around us all year long. This includes the dust from the crops being seeded and the pollen from the plants in the spring, the bacteria and mold that thrive in the humidity in the summer, the ash from the crops being burned in the fall, and the mites, vermin, bugs, and rodents that like to stay warm in the winter. All that dirt and grime ends up in your family’s lungs if your ductwork and ventilation are not being maintained. On top of that, poorly-maintained ductwork makes air flow more difficult and can increase your energy bills! Our family at Can-Pro Gallery Heating and Cooling have ensured that families across Winnipeg and Manitoba can breathe easy in their homes all year long with our duct cleaning services. We recommend one annual servicing every year for peak performance, especially if your loved ones are prone to allergies or you have many pets.

An Expert You Can Trust

Your heating equipment is used for eight months of the year and your cooling equipment has a tough four months every summer, so it’s important that they get a tune-up every year before their season. Year after year, without the proper maintenance and as grime builds up throughout the system, they can become less efficient, costing you more in utility bills, and maintenance can become more expensive if big parts are needed.

In order to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid for as many years as possible, we recommend a yearly inspection of your heating, cooling, water heater, and ventilation. Our experts inspect all areas of your system, ensuring that the electrical components are in good standing, all moving parts are well lubricated, and the blower is clean and adjusted properly. This ensures that the airflow through your heating and cooling equipment is happening without obstruction and you can stay at a comfortable temperature all year round. Regardless of who installed your equipment, you can trust that your home will be in good hands with an annual servicing from Can-Pro Gallery Heating and Cooling.

What’s the cost of skipping an annual service?

Just like car maintenance, some homeowners can’t justify the cost of having their heating and cooling equipment serviced every year, and they wait until it stops working to call an expert. Unfortunately, this often falls on the coldest weeks in February or the hottest days in July. Many of the most common problems with heating and cooling systems are from regular wear and tear, and a routine servicing and cleaning would have caught the problem before it cost hundreds to replace. Just like getting an oil change, we recommend that you have your heating and cooling equipment serviced annually to keep it working at its peak performance and to keep those large maintenance bills away! You can trust us at Can-Pro Gallery Heating and Cooling for all your servicing needs.

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